Comprehensive Home Monitoring Systems

In today’s world, security is a paramount concern for homeowners. Sting Security offers a comprehensive range of home monitoring systems, designed to provide peace of mind and protection at all times. From advanced motion sensors to smart home integration, our systems are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern security market.

Upgrade Your Security with Our Home Monitoring Systems

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Intrusion protection


24/7 professional monitoring

Basic Interactive

  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Mobile app
  • 3 door contacts
  • 2 motion detectors
  • Touch screen alarm panel

A comprehensive equipment warrant is included

$ 39,99 per month

Video Interactive

  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Mobile app
  • 3 door contacts
  • 2 motion detectors
  • Touch screen alarm panel
  • Surveillance camera or smart doorbell

A comprehensive equipment warrant is included

$ 49,99 per month

Smart Home Secure

  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Mobile app
  • 3 door contacts
  • 2 motion detectors
  • Touch screen alarm panel
  • Surveillance camera or smart doorbell
  • Lock or thermostat or additional surveillance camera

A comprehensive equipment warrant is included

$ 59,99 per month

Advanced Features of Our Home Monitoring Systems

Smart Security Solutions for Every Home 

Our smart home security system is engineered to offer both control and convenience. With features like Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and app features, managing your home’s security has never been easier. Our systems integrate seamlessly with smart home devices, offering you a complete home security solution.

Professional Monitoring Service for Round-the-Clock Safety 

Our professional monitoring service ensures that your home is watched over at all times. Whether it’s day or night, our dedicated team is always ready to respond to any alerts, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and ensuring timely intervention.

Keep Your Home Safe with Our Reliable Home Monitoring Systems

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maison intelligente

Robust Security Devices and Installations

Motion Detectors and Sensors 

Your First Line of Defense Our motion sensors and security sensors are designed to detect any unusual activity, providing an instant alert. These sensors are a critical component of our alarm systems, offering an additional layer of detection and security.

Outdoor Cameras and Video Doorbells 

Eyes on the Outside Enhance your outdoor security with our range of outdoor cameras and video doorbells. These devices not only act as a deterrent but also provide valuable video verification in case of an incident.

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Tailored Security Plans and Services

Choose the Right Monitoring Plan for Your Needs

Understanding that each home has its own security demands, Sting Security offers a diverse array of monitoring plans. Whether you need basic security monitoring or a comprehensive Monitoring plan with extra features like video verification and intrusion detection, we have options to fit your lifestyle. Our plans are flexible, accommodating everything from smart home features to integration with third-party devices. Choose a plan that not only meets your security needs but also aligns with your time and budget constraints.

Affordable and Transparent Monthly Monitoring Fees

At Sting Security, our commitment extends beyond security; we ensure affordability with transparent monthly monitoring fees. Our aim is to make top-notch, affordable security accessible to everyone. This means no hidden costs, no long-term contracts, and more freedom for you. Our budget-friendly plans are designed to provide peace of mind without straining your finances, offering both basic security options and advanced solutions like smart security systems and person detection.

The Sting Security Advantage

Professional Installation and Reliable Customer Service

Our professional installation team is adept at efficiently setting up your security systems, ensuring they are optimized for your home’s layout. From the base units to outdoor security cameras, every component, including batteries and emergency services integration, is installed with precision. Our customer service team is always ready to assist, ensuring your experience with our security company is seamless and satisfactory.

A Comprehensive Range of Security Kits and Options

Sting Security presents an extensive selection of security kits and smart security systems. Our range includes everything from essential outdoor security cameras to advanced smart home devices with features like video monitoring and emergency services alerts. Our security options are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and offering extra features like false alarm reduction and long-term reliability. Choose from our comprehensive kits or customize your system with additional features to create the perfect security solution for your home.

Upgrade Your Security with Our Home Monitoring Systems

HD camera and infrared vision

Secure network

Devices adapted to the Quebec climate

Advanced WIFI signal

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Learn More About Home Monitoring Systems

Are Home Monitoring Systems Worth It?

Home monitoring systems are a valuable investment for enhancing home security and peace of mind. They offer real-time monitoring, often with smart home features like motion sensors and pet detection, providing an extra layer of safety, especially at night or during power outages. With the incorporation of smart home automations and emergency services integration, these systems can be crucial in preventing and responding to security breaches.

What is the Best Home Alarm Company in Canada?

Sting Security is renowned for its comprehensive home security solutions in Canada. They provide a wide variety of complete home security systems, including professional monitoring and advanced security camera systems. Known for their exceptional customer service and affordable security options, they cater to a range of needs, offering everything from wireless security cameras to smart home integrations like Google Home and Google Nest.

What are the Disadvantages of Monitoring?

One potential disadvantage of monitoring is the reliance on power and batteries. Systems can be vulnerable during a power outage, though many modern systems, like those from Sting Security, include battery backups. Additionally, long-term contracts can be a concern for some users, but many companies now offer more flexible, affordable security options with affordable cloud storage.

What are the Potential Dangers of a One-Sided Home Monitoring System?

A one-sided monitoring system, focusing solely on one aspect like video monitoring without intrusion detection or audio features, can miss critical security events. It’s important to have a balanced system with a variety of features, such as infrared night vision, smarter security cameras, and wireless cameras, to ensure comprehensive coverage and effective security monitoring.

How Much Does a Home Monitoring System Cost in Canada?

The cost of a home monitoring system in Canada varies widely, depending on the complexity and features of the system. Basic systems may be more affordable, while complete home security systems with advanced features like video monitoring and smart home automations can be more expensive. Sting Security offers a range of options, ensuring there is an affordable security solution for every budget.

How Does Remote Control Enhance Home Monitoring Systems?

Remote control capabilities significantly enhance home security systems by allowing homeowners to manage their systems in real time from anywhere. This feature, often accessible via a smartphone app, includes controlling motion sensors, viewing live feeds from wireless security cameras, and even engaging smart home automations like adjusting lights or locking doors, offering an extra layer of convenience and control.

Are There Advantages to Wireless Cameras in Home Monitoring Systems?

Wireless cameras offer several advantages in home security systems. They are easier to install and relocate, provide flexibility in placement, and often come with features like cloud storage, infrared night vision, and audio capabilities. Wireless cameras are an essential component of smarter security cameras, enhancing security monitoring and offering real-time visibility, especially during night time or in case of a power outage.

How Important is Customer Service in the Security Industry?

Customer service is crucial in the security industry. Good customer service ensures prompt and efficient support during installations, troubleshooting, and emergency situations. Companies like Sting Security prioritize customer service, providing reliable assistance and ensuring customers get the most out of their security monitoring systems, including professional monitoring and emergency services integration.


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