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Sting Security is a leading provider of residential and commercial security solutions in Montreal. We offer a complete security and home automation service for a safe and optimized home: discover how Sting Security can help you by calling our team of experts!


Turnkey smart home solutions in Montreal

Turnkey smart home solutions in Montreal

It’s nice to have a new home automation system at the cutting edge of technology but without having an experienced team that takes you on board, you’ll never get the full value of your system. With Sting, you control your entire house from a single control panel or your phone.

It’s for that reason that Sting is proud to offer the programming and training on all its home automation installations. Our smart home automation services combine security systems and smart home systems under a single roof: control everything from a simple interface for a seamless and stress-free experience!


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What is included in Sting’s alarm systems?

Video surveillance devices

Video surveillance involves the use of cameras to monitor and record activity in and around a property (surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, etc). This allows you to keep an eye on your property at all times and can help to deter potential intruders.

Motion sensor devices 

Motion sensors detect movement and can trigger an alarm if they detect activity in an area where there shouldn’t be any. Motion detectors can be used both inside and outside of a property to provide an added layer of security.

Smart locks

Smart locks allow you to remotely control and monitor access to your property. You can use a smartphone app to lock and unlock doors, and you can receive notifications when someone enters or leaves your property.

Video doorbells

Video doorbells are equipped with cameras and can be connected to a smartphone app. They allow you to see and speak to visitors at your door, even when you’re not home. Some video doorbells also come with motion sensors, which can detect activity and trigger an alert.

How much does a professional alarm system cost in Montreal?

Security companies in Montreal have different options when it comes to alarm system costs: some of them will charge their customers for the security devices and their installation while others will charge a monthly fee for the alarm system and its maintenance.

Sting Security offers its customers a monthly home or commercial security fee that will cover the equipment (motion detectors, doorbell cameras, control panel, video surveillance devices, smoke detector, etc.) and their installation. With prices ranging from $39.99 to $59.99 per month, you can benefit from a high tech security system with reliable monitoring at a competitive price!

Is an alarm system worth it?

A home security system offers numerous benefits and advantages for home and business owners. Modern home security systems offer a wide range of features that can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs: from motion sensors to cameras, there are numerous tools available for monitoring your property!

Alarm systems are one of the most efficient way of protecting your home

An alarm system can scare off intruders and alert a central monitoring station in case of a break-in, safeguarding your valuable possessions: obvious but essential!

Security systems discourage burglaries

A security system monitoring your house of commercial space can discourage potential burglars from targeting your home and encourage them to look for targets without access control.

Professional alarm systems contribute to lowering your insurance costs

Installing a home security system and taking other safety measures can reduce your homeowners’ insurance premium by up to 15%.

Quality alarm systems allow for easy remote monitoring

Many systems include technology allowing you to remotely monitor your home using security cameras: Sting’s systems even enable you to control smart devices, such as thermostats and locks, from your phone.

Where can motion sensors be installed on a building?

Motion sensors can be installed at various locations around a building following a security evaluation by professional security companies, including both indoor and outdoor areas. For outdoor applications, motion detectors are commonly installed near entry points to detect any movement within the surrounding area: entry sensors, window sensors, even glass break sensors can be installed to address any security concerns. Wireless devices can also be installed along pathways, driveways, and parking lots to detect any unusual activity.

Motion sensors can also be installed indoors, mostly in commercial buildings

For indoor applications, motion sensors are typically installed in areas where movement is not expected or during non-business hours. They can be placed near windows to detect any attempted break-ins or at entry points to alert you of any unauthorized access to your property. It is important to consider the positioning of motion sensors to ensure maximum monitoring and effectiveness. 

A professional security system installer can assess your property and recommend the best options for motion sensor placement to provide comprehensive coverage and maximum protection for your building.

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